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Should I take AGEOFF® if I am taking WeightOFF®?
The answer is absolutely! In fact, many have already started this potent combination and it is now evident that this product stack (when you combine more than one product and get synergistic effects) is a very effective anti-ageing, weight-loss system.

How do I stack (combine) AGEOFF® and WeightOFF® to maximize results?
This is how you should combine the two for maximum effect - You should always take 1 capsule of WeightOFF before your two largest meals (usually breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner) and take 2 capsules of AGEOFF after breakfast and another 2 capsules after your lunch or mid-afternoon meal. We are beginning to learn that there are significant synergistic benefits between these two formulations which create effective anti-ageing weight-loss outcomes. Try throwing in the SleepON (1 or 2 capsules) 30-45 minutes before bed and you will have the best body transformation system available.

On days that I work out, how should I take this product stack?
On the days that you workout, it is best to take your first serving of both the WeightOFF (1 capsule) and AGEOFF (2 capsules) 30-45 minutes prior to exercise (walking, weight training, etc) with a large glass of water or protein shake (whey protein isolate is the best choice). This will help super-charge your metabolism and improve fat oxidation. It will also help to increase antioxidant status in the body helping you fight off free radical formation caused by the oxidative stress that exercise places on the body. This ultimately helps supports youth sustainability, exercise recovery, and results!

Can I take SleepON® if I am taking WeightOFF®?
YES! In fact, AGEOFF, WeightOFF, and SleepON are quickly becoming a very popular Total-Body-Transformation-System. You should be taking your SleepON 30-45 minutes before bed (start with 1 capsule before bed and increase as needed to 2 capsules before bed, the maximum dosage being 3 capsules.  With this product combination, you have the best body transformation system available as you are maximizing sleep rejuvenation, weight-loss and metabolic rate, as well as daytime anti-ageing protection!

Can I take WeightOFF® if I am taking prescription medication?
It is always a healthy practice to consult with a qualified and knowledgeable family practitioner. With this said, most doctors are generally not well versed in the use of Natural Health Products. If you are taking thyroid medication, you can use WeightOFF but we recommend that you have your thyroid levels checked after approximately 30-days of use to ensure that they are within the healthy range. WeightOFF is also safe to use if you are taking cholesterol or blood pressure medication. It is good practice to take WeightOFF and any other natural supplements at a different time from your medication, usually 2 hours prior to or after medication. If there is a specific medication you have concerns about, please send your questions to

Should persons with allergies take WeightOFF, AGEOFF, or SleepON?
WeightOFF, AGEOFF, and SleepON are 100% safe and do not contain commonly found allergens including soy, wheat, yeast, dairy, egg, tree nuts, shellfish, and fish; however, if you are allergic to particular plants or herbs please read over the ingredients listed to ensure that these are not contained in the product. Our facilities and products adhere to the highest of quality standards as outlined by the Natural Health Protection Directorate, a Division of Health Canada.

Do I need to take this product consistently everyday, or can I take it occasionally to achieve results??
If you wish to achieve the best possible level of results, you must develop a habit of taking the product as directed. According to research, you should use our products a minimum of 60 days in order to achieve significant results as the average WeightOFF® clinical trial participant lost 11 pounds within 60 days.

Does WeightOFF contain caffeine and will it make me jittery?
WeightOFF contains precisely 37.5 mg of caffeine per serving (1 capsule) which is less than a half a cup of coffee. This level was added as it synergizes with the green tea EGCG to burn more calories without over stimulating the central nervous system. People who are sensitive to caffeine can typically tolerate this level with no side effects. Our mandate was to produce an extremely effective product without unsafe levels of caffeine that you will typically find in many of the products on the market today.

I have been overweight for a number of years and have tried many other products but in the end, I have gained all the weight back. I am reluctant to try other products since I have had no luck losing weight. Is there any guarantee that your product will work for me?
The active compounds in our products have been found to be effective by clinical human research. In addition, we have combined several effective compounds into one product thus maximizing your odds of weight loss. Our product will work for you because it has already produced amazing results in clinical trial and with real life before-and-after trial participants!

Is there a support line that I can call or a website that I can visit in order to get more support using the product or if I need help achieving results?
Absolutely! For further support in using our products to achieve maximum results you can be proud of, please visit to obtain your free Youth Reactivation Lifestyle Manual (an easy to use guide to healthy eating and healthy food options as well as health promoting lifestyle changes and simple exercises). Or simply CLICK HERE

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